​How to Choose a Hamptons Coffee Table

​How to Choose a Hamptons Coffee Table

Posted by Home Styling Warehouse on 3rd May 2019

The Hamptons style is a well-loved interior design look that is showing no signs of going away. Whilst the Hamptons look depends on how different key elements are pulled together, the look relies a lot on hero pieces. Arguably one of the most important of these pieces is the coffee table.

Coffee tables are hero pieces that can make or break the visual effect that you are aiming for. As it is the central item in the room, it will be the piece that you will be looking at the most. It serves as an anchor for the over-all feel of your room, and should therefore be selected carefully.

When selecting a coffee table for your Hamptons style space, explore these options and see what works best for your space.

White coffee tables 

White coffee tables are a popular choice for Hamptons style homes as they evoke a classic, coastal look. Their fresh appeal is timeless and relatively easier to pair with other Hamptons style furniture. Caution is necessary though when selecting white coffee tables as the quality of the wood can be hidden easily under a coat of paint. White coffee tables can be easily mass-produced in the market, and could look tacky if not selected correctly. Nicks can quickly diminish their aesthetic appeal.

Natural wood coffee tables

The Hamptons style originated from American coastal towns, and is heavily influenced by the natural environment. Thus, natural coloured wood is a popular choice in these types of homes. Natural wood coffee tables are a good choice particularly for family homes as they tend to age gracefully, with nicks and imperfections adding to their appeal through time. Whether you are going for a coastal or urban look, a whitewashed look can add a layer of lived-in feel to a space.

Straight-edge detailed coffee tables

Straight-edge details like crosses and lattices are a signature Hamptons detail for many homes. They provide interest and impact as compared to curves and detailing on French Provincial style coffee tables.

Quatrefoil detailed coffee tables

Clover leaf and quatrefoil details can be seen in many Hamptons style rugs, prints and cushions. Quatrefoil details also look stunning in coffee tables as they provide an interesting textural focal point.

Upholstered fabric coffee tables

Upholstered fabric top coffee tables such as chesterfield ottomans are a popular choice in American homes, and are now making their way in Australian homes. Opting for coffee tables that have upholstered fabric make a room look softer and more refined. If you are worried about staining your fabric top coffee table, select a darker colour and prime with fabric protector.

Tray top coffee tables

Tray top coffee tables are extremely popular choices in Hamptons style homes. They make a wonderful platform for showcasing your carefully selected home decors and flower vases that are key to finishing off the Hamptons look.

Gilded coffee tables

Gilded coffee tables are a great option to add a touch of glam to a Hamptons space. Metallic finishes in silver and gold can provide a balance to more earthy rustic elements that you might use. Metallic touches should be used sparingly and thoughtfully to maintain the genuine feel of a Hamptons space.  

Whichever coffee table you go for, be sure to opt for one with a high quality material and finish that will stand the test of time. When all else fails, go with Marie Kondo’s approach, 'which one will you be happy to look at everyday?'