How to Hamptons Tip #3: Pick your ‘pop’ color

How to Hamptons Tip #3: Pick your ‘pop’ color

Posted by Home Styling Warehouse on 15th May 2018

Ask a styling purist and they will say ‘blue’ is the mandatory accent color for a Hamptons home. The color blue pays homage to the ocean, a key inspiration for the Hamptons style that emerged from the coastal towns of island New York. Some of our favourite Hamptons interiors have traditional blue as the color of choice, as pictured here.

Design: Megan Gorelick

Nevertheless, contemporary Hamptons designs tend to provide more allowance for color choices. For example, variations to the traditional chinoiserie blue have emerged, such as the acquamarine motiff in this interior.

Design: Alexandra Rae

Olive green and mustards are some of the recent popular color choices for Hamptons interiors. In reality, the Hamptons style lends itself to almost any color choice. The key is to keep most of your 'anchors' neutral ('Anchors' may include sofas, walls and carpets.) and to position your 'pops of color' thoughtfully, building upon a predominantly neutral base. 

Here is one of our favourite examples of how even bold colors (and a touch of whimsy) can work in a Hamptons space.

Source: Better Homes & Gardens

At the end of the day, color choice is really a matter of personality (or mood!). Don't be afraid to let your Hamptons home reflect who you are through the choice of color you make. You will be surprised by how much fun this can be.

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