How to Hamptons Tip #5: Wood is good

How to Hamptons Tip #5: Wood is good

Posted by Home Styling Warehouse on 30th May 2018

Hamptons style is both earthy and luxurious. Natural wood is a great way to achieve this balance. The wood grain found in good quality solid wood provides stunning texture against a base Hamptons palette. It also gives a more romantic craftsman-made feel to furniture, in contrast to the flat-pack flock. 

We love the use of wood and other natural materials in this earthy yet luxurious space.

Source: Midwest Homes Mag │ Design: Gordon James 

Painted wood works beautifully in Hamptons interiors, particularly whites, although too much of it could skew your home's overall feel towards a more country cottage or shabby chic look. Natural colored wood brings a sense of warmth to a room that looks great with nearly any color scheme. We love how warm and inviting this space is because of the use of natural wood.

The shade of the wood you choose helps to set the over-all mood and feel of the Hamptons style that you are aiming for. Pick a dusty lighter-colored grain for a more laid-back coastal look. For a richer more dramatic effect, darker colored grains or chocolate finish wood work best. If you are aiming for Hamptons with a touch of French provincial, aged wood in the grey hues will give you that hint of vintage.  

Image: Michael Graydon │Design: Cory De Francisco

Use wood pieces that have clean lines and a smooth finish to maintain the polished Hamptons look. If you must, use rought-cut wood sparingly, and always balance it nicely with more refined pieces such as straight-edge frames or metallic accents.

Wood and the Hamptons look is a match made in heaven. If you pick the right pieces, wood furniture will age beautifully and will only look better in your Hamptons style home through the years.

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